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Projet 6000 / 7000 Crossover

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Projet 6000 / 7000


The ProJet™ 6000 is the first crossover printer offering the utility of a 3D printer with precision and quality of professional grade SLA® parts. The ProJet™ 6000 comes in three high definition print configurations with a wide range of new VisiJet® print materials including tough, flexible, clear, e-stone dental and high temperature materials.  The ProJet™ 6000 has been designed and engineered to deliver the highest part quality for the toughest production applications with the ease of use and economics of a 3D printer.

The most powerful version of this exciting new printer is the ProJet™ HD, for high definition. You select the print mode based upon the application and turn around time required. It’s all up to you – so read on.

ProJet™ HD 6000 – High Definition, with three selectable print modes; XHD, UHD and HD.

ProJet™ 7000 comes with a bigger platform than its sister product, the ProJet™ 6000, allowing for building larger parts in one piece or many parts in one build.

  • Highest part quality and accuracy available
  • Choice of build platform size and resolution
  • Material delivery cart system creates seamless material change to suit application

ProJet™ HD 6000/7000Brochure (.pdf 2.4Mb)

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