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ProJet 5000

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ProJet 5000 3D Printer

ProJet™ 5000 3-D Production System

The ProJet™ 5000 3-D Production System is ideal for mass-production of both large and small high definition hard plastic models and prototypes for a wide variety of applications including concept development, design verification, form-fit testing, physical/functional testing, molding/casting patterns, and product presentations. Parts produced improve design communication and facilitate compressed design-to-manufacturing cycle time, reduced time to market, reduced labor and materials costs, and higher quality final products.

At the heart of the ProJet™ 5000 is 3D Systems’ patented and proven Multi-Jet Modeling technology (MJM) that provides unmatched part quality with unique “hands-free” wax support removal enabling production of finished parts with best-in-class fine feature detail and surface quality.

With the largest build volume available in a high definition 3-D Printer, the ProJet™ 5000 is designed for high productivity, factory capability in an office environment, enabling 24/7 production of high definition parts in a small footprint.

Product Highlights

  • Largest build size 21.65 x 15.5 x 11.8 inches (550 x 393 x 300mm) in a small footprint for long unattended production runs
    • Produce one or multiple parts of even the most complex geometries without sacrificing build speed, part quality or accuracy.
  • Superior Part Quality & Accuracy with reliable, proven thermal controlled Multi-jet Modeling (MJM) Technology
    • Print large or extra small parts with superior surface smoothness and crisp, fine details and eliminate the need for time and cost consuming post processing
  • Extra Tough Durable Hard Plastic parts with hands-free, easy removable wax support and true plastic feel and form and fit functionality


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Send us your .stl file and we will gladly build your own sample part. Feel free to push the limits...the ProJet can handle it!

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