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CPX 3000 3D Printers

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CPX 3000 & CPX 3000 plus 3D Printer

ProJet™ CPX 3D Production System print micro-detail real wax patterns.

CPX 3D printers create 100% real wax parts perfect for investment casting, jewelry, and dental applications. These patterns are designed to perform like injected wax patterns in lost-wax casting processes. The CPX 3D printers make it easy to go from jewelry design CAD software directly to high-quality, production casting patterns or presentation models making custom jewelry design easy and affordable.

NEW ProJet CPX 3000plus

  • 60% expanded high definition build envelope
  • 20% increase in speed
  • 3 build modes: including a 20 micron layer build mode for exteme high resolution


Technical Specifications (.pdf 904K)
ProJet™ HD 3000 Brochure (.pdf 2.4Mb)

Request a Sample Part

Free Sample Part

Send us your .stl file and we will gladly build your own sample part. Feel free to push the limits...the ProJet can handle it!

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